The goal of this campaign is to highlight how climate change is leading to rapid extinction of plants and animal species, and to support NRDC in fighting rapid climate change. By utlitizing contrasting and shocking imagery, the campaign acts with a sense of urgency.
The phrase "Two Degrees Too Far" reflects the warming climate, calling to attention the affects of the world's temperature rising by at minimum two degrees by 2050 as well as the consequences.
While the billboards are kept simple as to be easy to read, the rest of the campaign includes more information conveyed through a fictionalized account of the future.
The shocking story listed alongside the stark and bleak imagery works in tandem with the slogan "Celebrate today. Mourn Tomorrow." The slogan was chosen because of it's threatening and foreboding warning; if action is not taken to protect and maintain today, all that will be left is no choice but to mourn the future. 
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